Value of water grows; world's cleanest and northernmost water found in Lapland


September 7, 2021 ( The water company Hile Water is currently conducting a share issue to raise funding for the construction of a new production unit in the Saariselka organic collection area in Finnish Lapland and for its product branding. The aim is to produce and export the world's purest and northernmost water.

Investors interested in Arctic water

The bottled water market is growing at a rate of 10 per cent per annum. By the end of this year, it is expected to reach a value of USD 115 billion. Hile Water's profit forecast for 2024 is EUR 8 million. Shares are being issued at a price of EUR 0.75 each.

"We are starting by raising capital for building a production line that runs on renewable energy in Saariselka and for developing a Finnish water brand suitable for exports," explains Tomi Aalto, who manages Hile Water's international relations.

A lot has already been achieved. Hile Water is an official partner of Santa Claus, and its Santa Claus water was selected for use on superyachts in Monaco. This project, completed in collaboration with Business Finland's Food from Finland programme and the consultancy firm TUVYC, is a major step forward, because the superyacht catering business is growing exponentially. Santa Claus water will also be available in carefully selected Parisian delis in time for the Christmas season.

"At the beginning of the year we acquired a majority holding in Aqua Lapland Oy, located in Aavasaksa, Ylitornio, which acts as our current production plant. We bottle several of our water brands there for provision to Finland's largest retail chains' central firms," Aalto adds, regarding the company's current status.

Strong organisation behind the brand includes award-winning designer

Hile Water has been conducting background work and brand-building for several years already. The company intends to bottle the spring water pumped in Saariselka under the brand Inari in ecologically produced glass bottles designed by Harri Koskinen.

The designer, who has won various awards, including the Compasso d'Oro and a major design prize from the Torsten and Wanja Soderberg Foundation, is known especially for his Block lamp. He has designed products for companies including Issey Miyake, Fiskars, Artek and Iittala, among others. Koskinen is a member of the Hile Water team, which comprises professionals from diverse fields.

"Our organisation possesses strong competence in international business operations, logistics, sales, marketing communications and the water business. Our foundations are solid," says Hile Water's Chairman of the Board, Juhani Peramaki.

Spring water on nature's terms

There is a risk of clean water running out in many parts of the world, possibly even in the next few years. Finland has enough water that it can be sustainably exported. Paulus Lepisto, CEO of the water company Inarin Lapin Vesi Oy, which granted Hile Water's permit, is confident regarding the sufficiency of local water resources.

"The water export contract granted to Hile Water does not endanger water supplies to locals, or we would never have granted it in the first place," Lepisto states.

"The preservation of water resources and biodiversity for future generations is one of our major values," confirms Tomi Aalto.

Finland is geographically far from the places where water is scarcest. Aalto views Finnish Lapland's resources as an answer to the world's water shortages.

"Northern rail connections and the Arctic Ocean, in particular, made Saariselka a good location for our water intake plant. Logistics to high-volume export destinations, such as China, Japan and the rest of the Far East, work better from there than from southern Finland. Lapland is also intriguing for its exoticism and natural purity," Aalto explains with regard to the opportunities offered by Lapland.

Advantages for investor

  • A rare opportunity to invest in Finland, recognized as most politically and economically stable country in the world. Finland is also regularly hailed as most happiest, most peaceful, safest, literate (with 75% speaking English) and one of the least corrupt country.
  • To be part of world's northernmost water factory, world's cleanest water source and probably greenest water project.
  • To have a stake in SANTA CLAUS WATER, which has potential to be world's most popular water brand, as a gift item and special occasion water. It also is an opportunity in charity efforts of Santa Claus Foundation.
  • Opportunity to distribute SANTA CLAUS WATER and INARI WATER in his country and the region.
  • Opportunity to private label his own brand at Hile Water Factory and export cleanest water, worldwide.
  • ROI within 5-7 years.
  • Corporate tax around 20%. Profits transfer charged but unrestricted.

Contact information

Tomi Aalto
Hile Water Oy
Global Relations Manager
+358 40 837 5420

More informations

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About the business

Hile Water Oy is a water company building the world's first spring water packing plant operating on nature's terms, in the Saariselkä organic collection area in Finnish Lapland. The production plant will produce unprocessed, pure spring water for the Finnish and international markets. The company is investing in developing water brands and reinforcing Finland's image as a water producer globally. investing ideas in water stocks

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