Noah Wunsch launches 'Ruby' –– the first Hibiscus-only water brand


New York, NY - March 15, 2021 ( Former luxury and technology disruptor Noah Wunsch announces the functional hibiscus water brand, Ruby, launching in all Whole Foods Market Northeast locations along with Amazon Prime, and nationally via direct-to-consumer, today March 15, 2021. Ruby is a single ingredient water alternative, with zero additives, zero sugar, zero calories, organic, gluten-free and kosher Hibiscus, Ruby is full of health benefits and fun.

Ruby Hibiscus Water Unsweetened. Courtesy of Emma Swanson.

Noah became obsessed with hibiscus water as a means to curb his sugar cravings. "I've always had a ravenous sweet tooth, and it was leading to these insane crashes, so I began researching food and beverages that have zero sugar but are naturally sweet. Immediately hibiscus stood out to me as a wonderful alternative, as it's packed with health benefits and its tart flavor profile is underserved for our palettes." Wunsch tinkered in his New York City apartment for two years, testing various strains of hibiscus to perfect the balance of tart and sweet. "It's literally all I drink. I'm obsessed with it. After my first glass, I began to crave the tartness more than I ever craved sweets."

As Noah continued to develop Ruby, he researched sugar consumption in the US. "I wasn't surprised to find that Americans are addicted to sugar, but I was surprised to find that sugar-sweetened beverages are a key driver of overconsumption of sugar. Many of the beverages we consume on a daily basis that offer a number of great health benefits are counterbalanced by their extreme sugar levels. It became clear that there really aren't any water alternatives out there with 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 additives and still have a ton of flavor."

A must for those wellness-heads craving natural goodness, Ruby helps curb sugar cravings and is full of electrolytes, which are known to have super hydrating benefits. Hibiscus also has 2x the amount of antioxidants as green tea or pomegranate juice. Hibiscus has been used as a natural remedy for lowering blood pressure, treating hypertension, and promoting healthy skin and metabolism. The brand has been focused on sustainability from the get-go, opting for a glass bottle and corrugated cardboard boxing.

As a pioneering brand at the intersection of two key water alternative segments, Ruby sits between functional water and plant water. Ruby will launch its Original and Lightly Sweetened beverage flavors this spring.

Inspired by discovery and exploration, Ruby aims to share a little of its universe (Rubyverse) with friends and family.

Ruby has no additives and is shelf-stable. It will retail for $45.00 / 12-pack or $3.99 / 10oz bottle, available March 15, 2021 at

About Ruby

Ruby is a line of zero sugar, zero-calorie, organic, fair-trade hibiscus water, uniquely full of flavor, benefits and fun. Led by CEO & Founder Noah Wunsch, former executive in luxury, tech sectors –– Ruby is a pioneer brand with clear competitive advantages, introducing Hibiscus water as a new category in line with a number of the top growing new age beverage markets. Ruby is the first Hibiscus-only Hibiscus water and a refreshing water alternative that delivers on health and taste, curbing sugar cravings as well as being a super hydrator known to lower blood pressure, promoting healthy skin and metabolism. Ruby is organic, vegan, plant-based, ketogenic, 0 calories, no carbs, no sugar, anti-inflammatory, kosher and gluten-free, shelf-stable and lastly, requires no additives. | @rubyforfun investing ideas in water stocks

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