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GUELPH, ON - April 12, 2017 (www.waternewswire.com) Dr. Gene Shelp, President and CEO of ENPAR Technologies, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: ENP) ("ENPAR" or "the Company") is very pleased to announce that the Company's AmmEL System has been named as a "KEY EMERGING TECHNOLOGY" for nitrogen removal by Global Water Intelligence (www.globalwaterintel.com).

From the Global Water Intelligence website:

"At Global Water Intelligence we aim to do two things for our readers:

  • tell you where your next dollar is coming from by tracking major water projects around the world from conception to contract award
  • discuss with you the emerging trends in the industry to help you formulate strategy in a rapidly changing world

It has made us the unchallenged leader in high-value business information for the water industry."

The article reports that eutrophication, a process by which algal blooms consume dissolved oxygen in water bodies, is having an increasingly negative effect on aquatic wildlife, and that this is caused by the anthropogenic release of nutrients such as nitrogen into the environment. The article further indicates that both developed and developing countries are moving to enact more stringent regulations on nitrogen discharge limits in response to this issue.

ENPAR's patented AmmEL system is a proven approach capable of achieving strict guidelines for treated water quality. The recent trend in North America is to target ammonia-nitrogen concentrations of less than 1 mg/L in the discharge water. The use of ENPAR's AmmEL system guarantees that these guidelines can be achieved even when treating water at temperatures approaching zero degrees Centigrade. In contrast to current industry-accepted treatment approaches, this disruptive technology converts toxic ammonia directly into environmentally friendly nitrogen gas, bypassing the production of nitrate (a carcinogen) or the well-known greenhouse gas nitrous oxide.

Dr. Shelp commented, "We are very excited about Global Water Intelligence Magazine's recognition of ENPAR's AmmEL System as one of the world's key emerging technologies for nitrogen removal. Through years of R&D, pilot testing and commercial installations on a broad spectrum of water matrices, we believe that the AmmEL system has broad application within the commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment sectors. We are extremely optimistic about the near-term sales potential"

About ENPAR Technologies Inc.

ENPAR is a "Technology Company" applying its patented and proprietary "Electrochemical Technologies" to the treatment of waste water, desalination water and drinking water contaminated by metals or nutrients, i.e., nitrate/ammonia associated with the mining, metal processing, chemical, agricultural, municipal and waste management sectors. The common shares of the Company trade on Tier ll of the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "ENP".

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