US-Based Energy Consulting Firm Hagen Global Unveils Plans to Bolster Energy Education as Part of Its Globally-Minded Mission to Reduce Carbon Emissions


Naperville, Illinois - June 30, 2022 (Newsfile Corp.) ( US-based energy consulting firm Hagen Global Consulting has unveiled new initiatives to improve the accessibility of education resources on clean energy; these will be undertaken in partnership with the Institute of Global Energy Education. The announcement is part of its commitment to assist the companies and organizations across the globe in complying with the green energy protocols and climate change mitigation guidelines.

Recently, the SEC's Environmental, Social, and Governance rule-makers introduced new changes to the 'Names Rule' and other surface-level adjustments to ESG-related advisers and funds.

"We aim to bridge the gaps in energy knowledge and energy efficiency by educating non-technical people of any industry on how to keep actions concerning energy consistent with physics. We provide unbiased advisory services to decision-makers and other stakeholders on how energy works in order to arrive at a holistic view of energy technologies, policies, regulations, and investment decisions. For example, a goal at Hagen Global is to encourage action to be taken based on key ESG indicators, rather than just focusing on tinkering with key measurements themselves," says Sean F. Hagen, P.E, Managing director of Hagen Global Consulting.

As part of its mission to cut the world's carbon footprint, Hagen Global is providing companies with technical management solutions in the global electric power generation and transmission industry, focusing on energy consulting and risk mitigation. Its recent announcement also underlines the technical and financial services it will offer, underlining its all-inclusive approach to improving clean energy usage. Hagen Global has expertise in all types of power generation, including renewable, nuclear, and waste management. The company also provides consulting services in related projects and organizational management, systems/facilities design and economics, technical management/consulting, technology maturation, and risk mitigation. Achieving a carbon-free grid requires widespread carbon-free flexible generation. So far, advanced nuclear power, which is in the early stages of commercial deployment, is the only immediate solution to this challenge. It also has the benefit of generating revenue much sooner in the construction schedule and overall project budget, which is a significant advantage compared to existing Nuclear technologies.

The unveiled collaboration of Hagen Global with the Institute of Global Energy Education highlights its commitment to staying fresh and unbiased in its knowledge base and attitudes by continually assessing all developments in energy technology, applications, and policies. The industry is a rapidly evolving one, so Hagen Global strives to ensure that decision-makers are aware of all the consequences of their policies and business strategies - whether these are intended or unintended.

The announced collaboration with business, industry, and government organizations will help to educate businesses and policymakers on life cycle effects on the planet, as well as offer law, economics, political science, and business programs. These will all be geared toward educating business leaders and policymakers to assess and understand new developments in energy technology and to teach them about the holistic impacts of energy technologies on climate change. At a time when the SEC is introducing ESG regulations that are, according to Hagen Global, more focused on measurement than action, the Illinois-based consulting company is boosting its efforts to guide companies towards a greener future.

Hagen Global Consulting's role as a partner and supporter of the Institute of Global Energy Education means it will educate technically untrained people about the intricacies of energy. Its statement of intent regarding the expansion of access to energy resources comes at an important time where, for instance, Africa struggles with the key issue of a lack of reliable electricity. It is estimated that Africa must increase its power generation capacity by around 7 gigawatts per year, which is seven times the current growth rate. Africa also draws much of its energy from fossil fuels, which contribute to greenhouse gasses and are of finite supply. Hagen Global Consulting's work to improve corporations' awareness of energy needs and repercussions represents a positive step towards tackling this issue.

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