Climate Cabinet: Scotus Ruling Attacks U.S. Climate Policy - States Are The Path Forward

Limiting the Federal Government's Ability to Act on Climate Shifts Focus to Key State & Local Elections


CHICAGO, IL - June 30, 2022 ( This morning, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a devastating ruling in EPA v. West Virginia with far reaching implications that severely limit the federal governments' overall ability to fight climate change and address ongoing environmental injustices. Climate Cabinet PAC, a national organization devoted to electing local and state lawmakers who will build an equitable clean energy economy, issued the following statement regarding today's SCOTUS decision.

Caroline Spears, founder and executive director of the Climate Cabinet PAC: "Today's Supreme Court ruling attacks foundational elements of federal US climate policy. This does not mean we are doomed in the face of climate change. But it does mean state and local governments are now - once again - the most viable path forward. As a country, we need to dramatically invest in state and local political pathways to achieve equitable clean energy solutions and ensure environmental justice in the face of a changing climate.

Yesterday, local elections were crucial to action on climate. Today, they are ground zero. The inevitable shift to affordable renewable power sources is in the best interest of all communities, especially those in frontline communities closest to and historically harmed by localized air and water pollution. It's imperative that we elect local and state leaders that prioritize clean energy jobs and ensure all Americans have access to clean air, water, and energy.

Climate Cabinet is committed to building the sustained political power necessary to protect our climate, health, and rights. This means electing and supporting climate champions at all levels of government - especially state and local leaders with big opportunities to act on climate now. We don't have time to waste."

Climate Cabinet PAC is poised to continue their support for their slate of exceptional, climate-focused candidates in remaining primary elections and the 2022 midterm election. With endorsements in 10+ states, including the key states of Arizona, Minnesota, Georgia, California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Virginia, Climate Cabinet supports endorsed candidates with educational and messaging resources and fundraising support from the network of Climate Cabinet supporters.

From local city council elections to statehouses and even public utility commissions, Climate Cabinet-endorsed candidates are now, more than ever, at the forefront of the American effort to lead on climate and provide clean air and water for its citizens. With today's ruling, local and state politics will be ground zero for building the political foundation to retake power from big polluters so that all Americans can breathe air and drink water without concern of whether or not they are being poisoned - and so we can make rapid progress toward realizing a 100% clean energy future and avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

To see the full list of Climate Cabinet PAC endorsed candidates across the U.S., visit the Climate Slate website.

To speak with a representative of Climate Cabinet PAC or any of the endorsed 2022 candidates, contact Alex Frank at (703) 276-3264 or

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