Whitefox ICE™ installation at Fox River exceeds expectations

Bolt-on membrane technology delivers energy and cooling water efficiency

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Oshkosh WI - February 28, 2018 (www.waternewswire.com) Fox River Valley Ethanol LLC completed the installation of its Whitefox ICE™ bolt-on solution at its ethanol plant in Oshkosh in December and is already seeing a positive impact at the gas meter and improvements to its operations.

Neal Kemmet, Fox River President & General Manager, stated: "Following a smooth start-up of the Whitefox ICE system in December, we immediately noticed a positive impact. Energy consumption has already reduced by around 1,100 BTU per gallon and operations have improved by removing column fluctuations, and that's with only treating part of the regen stream. Our team seems to have got used to running with membranes with no issues. Our intention is to move to full regen treatment over time to further improve capacity, efficiency and profitability."

Gillian Harrison, Whitefox CEO, said: "It was great working with Neal and his team. Fox River are focussed on using the latest technology to improve their plant and his team clearly thrives on improving operations. The joint efforts of Fox River, Nelson Engineering and our team, made this installation a real success. It is satisfying to know that Fox and Whitefox are making ethanol made in Wisconsin even better."

The Whitefox ICE™ installation at Fox River is the third installation in the US, with a fourth being built for United Ethanol. A Whitefox ICE™ system treats existing recycle streams to free up distillation-dehydration, reduce energy by 1,000-2,500 BTU per gallon, carbon emissions and cooling and increase capacity by up to 20%.

About Fox River Valley Ethanol LLC

Fox River Valley Ethanol is a 60 million gallon per year facility located in Wisconsin. Building began in 2002 with ongoing expansion to meet demand. It produces biofuels, Wet and Dry Distillers Grains, which are high protein animal feed and renewable CO2 for use in a variety of industries including meat, poultry and bottling.

About Whitefox Technologies Limited

Whitefox specialises in technology development and process integration based on membranes. The company designs efficient, integrated production systems based on its proprietary membrane processes and technology. With more than 15 years of industrial experience Whitefox provides solutions for biofuels, industrial and solvent production. www.whitefox.com @WhitefoxTech

Further information:

Trond Heggenhougen: theggenhougen@whitefox.com +44 (0)20-7953-8408

Meridith Bridge: meridith@mk-bridge.com +1 917-545-4118

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