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#Dovetail Partners Encourages Celebration of #Forests and #Water Quality on March 21st

2016 International Day of Forests - 'Celebrating Forests and Water'

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Minneapolis, MN - March 16, 2016 (www.waternewswire.com) Celebrate forests on March 21st, the annual International Day of Forests as promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The theme of the 2016 International Day of Forests is 'Celebrating Forests and Water', chosen to raise awareness of how forests are key to the planet's supply of freshwater, which is essential for life.

In 1971, at the request of the European Confederation, the FAO's member governments supported the observance of an annual World Forestry Day on March 21st. That same year, in the United States, a presidential proclamation declared World Forestry Day to be part of a week of activities and ceremonies aimed at celebrating the role of forests in everyone's life. Forty years later, 2011 was declared the International Year of Forests as a global celebration of people's action for sustainable forest management. March 21, 2013 was proclaimed the first annual International Day of Forests by the United Nations General Assembly. The goal is to continue raising awareness of the importance of all types of forests.

Forests and water quality are intrinsically linked - forests act as natural water filters and are a key component of watershed management. Forested watersheds and wetlands supply roughly 75 percent of the world's accessible fresh water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and ecological needs and about one-third of the world's largest cities rely on forested watersheds for a significant percentage of their drinking water. When sustainably managed, forests contribute significantly to reducing soil erosion and risks associated with natural disasters which can disrupt the source, supply and quality of freshwater. As climate change influences the availability of the planet's freshwater resources, and global populations become increasingly urban, it is important to recognize the role that sustainably managed forests play in keeping water supplies accessible and ecologically healthy.

Additional information about the vital role forests play in relation to our water supply can be viewed in the following 2016 International Day of Forests video.

On each International Day of Forests, countries are encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns. Actively celebrate on March 21st by planting trees, celebrating forests, and showing gratitude for the products and services they provide in your community.

A list of global International Day of Forests events being held can be found here: http://www.fao.org/forestry/international-day-of-forests/en/

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