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#Xeros Signs Million Dollar Deal with eLaundry.com to bring Eco-Friendly Near-#Waterless Laundry Services to #NewYorkCity

Xeros systems will power eLaundry to deliver a better cleaning performance to their commercial and consumer customer base while using 80% less water, 50% less energy and 50% less chemicals

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Manchester, NH - February 9, 2016 (www.waternewswire.com) Xeros, the innovator of an ultra-low water laundry system, announced today that it has signed a deal with New York City-based eLaundry.com in excess of a million dollars for Xeros' award-winning polymer bead cleaning laundry systems which are proven to dramatically reduce water, energy, and detergent consumption while providing a gentler and superior clean. To promote the new Xeros laundry services, eLaundry.com will introduce Xeros as an ingredient brand in their storefront, on delivery vehicles and throughout the business.

eLaundry.com provides on-demand laundry service to consumers and commercial customers in New York City such as hotels, spas, salons, colleges and universities, health clubs, and restaurant and is one of the largest laundries in Manhattan. The company offers free pickup and delivery in Manhattan that can easily be scheduled online or by text message. The company aims to make doing laundry accessible, affordable, and easy with superior cleaning results. eLaundry.com processess over 3.6 Million lbs of laundry per year.

"Xeros has been a great investment for our business. Xeros' green and sustainable laundry system enables us to dramatically reduce our water, energy and detergent usage while delivering exceptional cleaning results for our customers," said Charles Sakkal, owner of eLaundry.com. "The feedback from our customers has been great and we are excited to promote Xeros as part of our overall brand promise."

"On-demand laundry services are disrupting laundry industry. Consumers and businesses can use a smart phone, text, phone call or go online to easily schedule pick-up and delivery of their laundry," said Jonathan Benjamin, Global President of Laundry at Xeros. "Xeros polymer bead cleaning is also disrupting the industry enabling on-demand laundries to provide their customers a higher quality, superior and more gentle clean as well as being more operationally and ecologically efficient than traditional aqueous machines."

The Xeros laundry system replaces up to 80% of the water with 1.5 million polymer beads that gently massage textiles to provide superior cleaning results as compared to conventional aqueous washing methods. By combining the beads' molecular structure with a proprietary detergent solution, dirt from soiled items is attracted and absorbed by the beads, producing cleaner results in ambient water. The reusable beads have a lifespan of hundreds of washes before being collected and recycled. The patented, award-winning system uses 80% less water, up to 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent than traditional systems.

For More Information: Click here to view a video on how the Xeros polymer bead cleaning laundry system works.

About Xeros Cleaning

Xeros is changing the way textiles are cleaned. Using patented technology, the Xeros System for commercial cleaning uses up to 80% less water, 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent, and delivers superior cleaning results compared to conventional washing. Xeros was recently awarded a Bronze Medal in the prestigious Edison Awards; was named a top invention by TIME magazine, winner of ‘Best Technological Breakthrough' in The Climate Week Awards 2011; listed in Worldwide Fund for Nature's survey of global ‘Green Game Changers'; and has been awarded two Rushlight 2013 Awards for green innovation. Strategic partnerships include BASF. Xeros is headquartered in the UK with offices in the US and China. For additional information, please visit www.xeroscleaning.com.

The Xeros Logo, Xeros and Xeros Sbeadycare are trademarks of the Xeros group of companies.

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