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Water crisis creates new marketplace as watercluster.com launches to connect industry leaders, innovative solutions

Category: Investment, Water

SANTA MONICA, California - June 18, 2015 (www.waternewswire.com) Finding the world's most innovative water solutions just became easier with watercluster.com, an on-line deal platform to connect technology, talent and investors that can solve urgent water problems compounded by record drought on the West Coast.

"WaterSmart is delighted to partner with California American Water to bring our water-use monitoring software to the residents of southern California"

"Southern California is a key, dynamic market for innovation and the perfect place to introduce a new paradigm for matching new water technology, talent and services from around the world," says founder Thomas Schumann, who was in-spired to launch the on-line venture by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Water Technology Innovation Cluster Program.

Schumann seeks "disruptive collaboration" through the on-line site, which allows members to work together and match needs with solutions in a real-time envi-ronment. The watercluster.com platform enables water industry leaders, tech companies, investors, universities, corporates, utilities, governments, NGOs and service providers to connect, communicate, collaborate and conduct business.

The first member to join watercluster.com is Global Water Technologies (OTC: GWTR), an emerging company working to commercialize new solutions that im-prove efficiency in water and wastewater infrastructure.

"This industry needs a dynamic marketplace where resources can quickly be matched and deployed to address the growing need for new water solutions," says Erik Hromadka, CEO of Global Water Technologies. "We look forward to being part of this exciting new venture."

Schumann's decision to launch watercluster.com in the Los Angeles market al-lows him to leverage the nation's largest Metropolitan Water District to drive posi-tive change at ground zero of California's and America's water challenges.

Focusing on creating social good and financial value watercluster.com promotes and advocates the value of water and its impact on all aspects of society.

More information is available at: watercluster.com

Media Contact:

Thomas Schumann

watercluster.com LLC, The Water Garden, 2425 Olympic Blvd., Suite 4000W, Santa Monica, CA 90404, U.S.A., info@watercluster.com


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Published at Water Newswire 2011